3 Fun Games To Play With Your Yorkie Puppy

Yorkshire Terriers are acutely antic – they adulation to run about and hunt things. They accept a lot of activity which owners should apprentice how to put to acceptable use. Games, whether calm or outdoor, are an accomplished way to accumulate your pet entertained at the aforementioned time admit some training lessons. Remember, dogs apprentice basal commands best if they’re accomplished young!

Here are 3 fun amateur you could play with your Yorkshire Terrier:

Hide and Seek

This is an accomplished bold to play with your pup that aswell teaches him the “Come” command. Play this bold in a confined, safe amplitude in your home or bigger yet, alfresco in your yard. Play with your pet for a few account afresh delay for a moment if he becomes distracted. Adumbrate abaft a daybed (or a backcountry if outside). Peek and delay until he realizes that you’re gone and by itself he will appear searching for you as Yorkies tend to become adhering and affectionate of their owners. If he gets abutting to your ambuscade spot, bark “Come!” – which will advise him to go to you wherever you are.

Find Your Toy

All you charge for this bold is your pet’s admired toy. Start by sitting in foreground of him in a room, bouncing his admired toy adage “Where’s your toy?”. As he looks at the toy in your hand, let him yield it several times and play with it for a few minutes. Afresh yield him out of the room, adumbrate the toy partially and let him acquisition it. Again, ask “Where’s your toy?”. Once he finds it, yield him out of the allowance afresh but this time hid the toy fully. Ask the catechism afresh and let your pet detect the allowance until he finds his toy. If this bold is successful, the toy can be an accomplished teaching aid for training sessions.


This is a game/training address that aswell teaches the “Come” command. It requires two humans sitting beyond anniversary added in a allowance about six to eight anxiety apart, with one captivation the Yorkie and the added one captivation a treat. The one captivation the amusement should bark “Come!” in a blessed voice, giving the amusement as the pup comes running. This teaches your pet to appear to you even if he’s adequate arena with added people.

Try these fun amateur with your Yorkshire Terrier which will aswell be a acquirements action for him!

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